Welcome to LPfA: Learning Plans for All

Learning Plans for All (LPfA) is a new entity in the field if lifelong learning, certified by EOPPEP (National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance). It is an initiative of young professionals and graduates who are interested in spreading the value of Learning for All in a modern, sufficient and flexible way, targeting to the city of Patras citizens and not only.

Our Mission

The educational center’s “LPfA” mission is:

  1. to satisfy the learning needs of individuals who:
    • feel that are excluded from the formal educational opportunities, named young unemployed, long term unemployed, migrants or socio-economical disadvantaged
    • search for flexible and alternative learning options
    • seek for individualised guidance and individual learning plans
    • want to reintegrate to the labor market with advanced skill
  1. to broaden the scope of the educational subjects in cooperation with entities of the rest of Europe, from a diverse context, Higher and VET institutions
  1. to support in various mades the development of 8 Key Competences of the learners, as stated in EU policies and are named below:
    • Communication in mother tongue
    • Communication in foreign language
    • Mathematical & Basic competence in science and technology
    • Digital Competence
    • Learning to learn
    • Social and civic competence
    • Sense of initiative & entrepreneurshio
    • Cultural awareness & expression


Our Vision

LPfA principles are:

    • Education is a social good and right
    • Lifelong Learning is possible and open to all
    • Personal learning planning is crucial for the adults to feel safe to move in the multiple learning environment in a self managed and effective way
    • The use of new technologies (ICT) works as an asset for everyone that seeks to broaden his/her learning opportunities
    • Guidance is necessary up to the point that facilitates ones personal choice and drives to an effective and self regulating learning path